Easy database access for Mac OS X from $39.95
  • Easy set up
  • Nothing to install on the server
  • Fully supported by Excel and FileMaker Pro
  • Can be used in REALbasic and PHP applications
Pro or Novice, we make it easy to get data into your Mac applications. Anyone can do it. We'll show you how.

You don't need to know what "SQL" or "ODBC" stand for, you just want to get the data you need from the company database and get it into the familiar environs of Word, or Excel, or Filemaker, or even Quark or InDesign. But how?

We get it. Now you will too. We're the missing piece that you've been looking for. Click on the scenario to the right that best represents your needs, or find the type of application you'll use to connect to your data and get started.

We'll help you get it all together.


May 15, 2018

FileMaker 17 is here!

We have released version 4.2 of the Actual ODBC Pack for FileMaker 17. The Actual ODBC Pack installer is available from our website.